jeudi 3 juin 2010

BWOF 01-2008-108 - "Connect-the-Dots" Shirt

After my first mostly successful attempt at shirt-making, I went on to another shirt, with short sleeves this time. I found this cute fabric - it's actually a sort of "connect the dots" pattern, even though there's no actual pattern to connect. I thought it was a nice twist to polka dots and would give the design a little more interest.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that for markings I used one of thoses blue felt pens with ink that dissolves with water. Obviously I did a test first and it works really well. It might be the best solution I have found for marking on white fabric. However, I found that if you leave it on too long (meaning, if it takes you ages to finish your garment which is usually my case), it may leave a faint yellow mark after you rinse it off.

By now I have figured out that for some reason, even though my measurements are exactly the ones Burda uses for a European size 36, everything I make from their patterns is always too big. So I usually have to take 1/2 inch to 1 inch on each side, gradually from bust to hips.
I also lenghtened the shirt a bit and the only other fit issue I had was more of a shape issue as the sleeves were really puffy, I had to take a lot in at the top and shorten the shoulder width to make it look better.

Once again, my search for the pefect buttons took a bit of time, but finally I found the "right ones" at Entrée des Fournisseurs in Paris. Oh, and I left out the neck tie, as I had a black tie that I thought I could wear it with instead...

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  1. Hi, could you share where you got this amazing connect-the-dots fabric? I would love to make a blouse with it too :) Thanks!

  2. Ouh, I think this fabric is long gone. I found it in a Parisian fabric store in the Marché Saint Pierre area (garment district) that no longer exists. It was a 3-meter coupon that I split with a friend...