vendredi 25 juin 2010

Special Ackowledgment

A few days ago I put my creations online on What an amazing showcasing opportunity it is ! At first I hadn't realized that everytime you upload one of your creations, it is shown on the Project page for all the sewing community to see and comment on. And it is obviously a great source of inspiration with so many wonderful creations from seamstresses all over the world !
I have actually been amazed by the amount of lovely comments and compliments on my homemade clothes I have received from the burdastyle community (thank you all very much for that !), especially again with so many talented and creative seamstresses out there whose work to admire. The nicest compliment definitely comes from the Cupcake Goddess who included me today in her stiching spotlight of the week (Imagine my surprise when I clicked on my Cupcake Goddess bookmark and my face appeared on her blog !).
Thanks for your lovely comment about my creations, I am truly honored !

One thing she wrote though made me realize that I can't take all of the credit:
"The photographs of her creations are so inspiring too!"
I made the clothes and accessorize them, but for the final pictures that you see of them, I have to thank B., my beloved partner in crime (and life), who works his professional magic to put me in the right light and show my garments under the best angle. It makes such a difference ! And it's an amazing confidence boost to see them come out so nice on film (well, on the computer screen actually).

So I thought It was only fair that I give a little back - especially after he put up with me organising an afternoon of shooting before I first started the blog, with 7 wardrobe changes (and the shoes, and the hair) and 7 different lighting. "Fashion" photography isn't what he normally does, he's more of a candid shot photographer and has a great eye for catching those moments where people are more "themselves".
The photo that Cupcake Goddess posted on her blog shows such a moment, when I was getting ready and before I actually started posing and it's probably one of my favorite of the whole shoot...

If you'd like to see more pictures (that don't all include me :P), check B.'s website (and soon a blog where he'll be posting a new picture daily...)

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  1. B. does such a fantastic job with the photos! Really beautiful! You are so talented and I'm so glad I was able to find you through Burda Style! I'm very excited to see your upcycled dress form.