jeudi 1 juillet 2010

How about a list....

I Love making lists, it keeps my head from feeling all cluttered inside and from having to think over and over about things I have/want to do .

When it comes to sewing though, I so far never made an actual list, because in that area I for once don't really have a plan. It's usually my fabric finds that dictates my next project. However I did recently start a "log" of all the patterns that I've been wanting to use. It includes a small photo from the magazine/envelope, and the list of notions. Every once in a while I go fabric shopping and bring it along, and that way when I see a fabric I like, if no particular pattern comes to my mind I will go through the log and sure enough there's a style in there that's right for the pattern. Is it a bit overkill ? Maybe. But again it's all about keeping that clutter organized, somewhere else than inside my head.

But after reading Tasia's post, I realized I do have a few items that I have been longing to make for quite a while, regardless of my pattern or fabric finds, ever since I first started sewing actually and realized that instead of (hoplessly) looking for that perfect piece of clothing in stores, I could just as easily (um...) make it myself.

So here is a (short) list and as it turns out, these are rather wintery items (the overcast, windy weather and rather cool temperature out here probably also have a lot to do with me thinking about these right now - I'm sorry if you're reading this from a hot and dry place and you get cooked just by reading through this post) :

A long-sleeve (or 3/4 sleeve) dress that would be both comfortable and effortless. I could throw it on to lounge around the house as well as to go out for coffee or drinks without feeling under/overdressed.
Sibeli, who is featured on Burdastyle this week, made such a dress with a pattern I would have totally overlooked otherwise, thinking it looked too classic or "stiff" for my idea. I love how she turned the style into something fun, feminine and that looks both pretty and effortless.

A vest. It can totally pull an outfit together. It works on top of a tee with jeans, as well as with a blouse and skirt. I love the denim one I bought a few years back, and I would like to have an equivalent in a darker fabric.
I really like Tasia's because it's simple and totally versatile. I think this New Look pattern would be interesting to try as it offers either one or three buttons versions (not so crazy about the pink one being modeled on the envelope though).

A long(ish) skirt. I am tall (5'11) and I love the look of a long winter skirt with boots, and a short fitted jacket. That's most definitely one of the easiest thing to make, but I have yet to find the right fabric for it. Actually one of the garment I've had for the longest time in my closet is a long corduroy skirt from Zara. I have had it for over 10 years even though I haven't worn it much in the past couple years. I know it doesn't sound very modern looking but it was sooooo comfortable, and silly as it sounds, I just love the drapy sound of the fabric when I walked.
I wouldn't make my new skirt in curdoroy though, probably a drapy, heavy wool blend, and I would love to find a fabric with a border pattern.
I saw this one in Burda and this is exactly the look I would go for.

I actually woulnd't mind a summery one as well, in a nice solid color, or a very simple print, something light and flowy (this is not the best example, but I do like the shape ):

Since I just mentioned it, next on my list is a fitted jacket. In my mind, I have this fantasy of the perfect jacket, that I could wear with just about anything. It would be versatile and flattering and I would become my favorite item I ever sewed...
Well, I have yet to decide on a pattern for it for one thing, as well as find the courage to tackle it. I would most likely make a muslin first, which means it would take me twice as long to finish it as any other garments I made without one...And if the result isn't perfect I will be sooo disappointed...
But, I guess at one point you have to stop fantasizing and make it happen. So will 2010 be the year ? We'll see...
There are a few styles I like in my Burda stash, including this version from the latest issue, and I also have the Simplicity pattern with the No Fuss Fit instructions. I might give that one a try just to see what it's all about and practice.

A Trench coat. Another essential I have never owned (neither store-bought let alone me-made). I do have a refashion project planned that needs a bit more thinking. But I would love to be able to make one from scratch.
This one by Gina Sophia looks awesome, I love the shape and the color:

Finally I also have a very specific winter coat that I want to make, I've had the pattern for a couple years but I am definitely not ready for it just yet....once I've (hopefully successfully) finished all these items above then we'll see...

I don't want this list to become my "sewing plan" and put a deadline on it or anything, as there are a lot more specific patterns I also want to use. But I know that eventually the right fabric will come along for one of these and it will be time to make it....

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