mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Inspiration: Pinterest

Do you guys know about Pinterest ?

I stumbled upon it while browsing (I know I read somebody's blogpost about but I can't remember whom) and I fell in love with the idea right away.

Basically, it is a site that allows you to catalogue the inspiration you find on the web.
Once you've become a member, you add a "Pin It" button to your bookmark bar on your browser then everytime you come across a photo that inspires you, you can pin it and it saves it into one of your virtual "boards". It also creates a link to the website the photo is from. You can therefore also pin recipes, articles, tutorials, any type of content as long as there is a photo/illustration with it that can become part of your catalogue, and easily keep track of your internet finds.

You can also upload photos from your computer, and add a link to the original website in the description or use any image as illustration for any link you want to save.

Pinterest is also a community, and everything that you pin appears on the main page, so you can see what other members have pinned and they can "repin" your inspirations, etc...Therefore making it an amazing resource for visual inspiration.

I think it's a brillliant idea.
I've been collecting inspiration photos off the internet for months, storing them on my computer, but for half of it, I don't remember where it's from, and though they are organized in folders, I can't look at them as a whole.
This allows you to see all these inspiration as if they were... well, pinned on your wall, and it's nice to go back and rediscover things you'd forgotten about. Plus it doesn't take up any space on your computer...

My only comment so far would be that you can't organize your pins within a board (rearrange them together), or at least I haven't figured out how...That concept has already been in place with Polyvore, which is more of a "mood board" application, but I found Polyvore more limited in the type of photos you can use (mostly objects on a white backdrop, and it links primarily to online stores where these photos are used). The two compliment each other I think, and you could even pin a Polyvore mood board on Pinterest if you wanted to...

I already have 9 boards, and obviously there's one for sewing inspiration.
Check it out here:

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  1. Oh this is a fabulous idea! I'm going to have to check it out. I too find so many inspiration images and never remember where they are from. Thanks for the tip!