samedi 19 février 2011

Future project: the skirt i woke up thinking of...

This morning I woke up thinking about a very specific burda skirt from a few years ago.
This winter I've been wearing a lot more skirts than the years before - or at least a lot more frequently, as I tend to wear the same 2 over and over again. I've come to the conclusion that the style I'm comfortable in is a rather hip-fitting skirt which stays on the casual side with details that keeps it from looking too "corporate pencil skirt" if you see what I mean...

*update* this is skirt 109 from Burda magasine January 2009, sorry I forgot to mention it before

Now I've gotta be a tiny bit obsessed if I wake up thinking about clothes but oh well, I won't over-anaylse it. In any case, this skirt definitely fits the bill, with its "jeans-like" front zip and it's unusual seam lines and in-seam pockets. So It's now officially on my "spring sewing" log.

Actually as I'm writing this, another pattern comes to mind, that I would also see myself wearing: :

BOWF 109 August 2010.

But back to the skirt I woke up to, I just so happened to go to Gala Fabrics this afternoon, and found a very nice chocolate brown strech cotton with very fine ribbing and a bit of shine. I thought it would be perfect for it. It was on the sale's rack (which is the only place I ever look for fabric in the store - they have tons of gorgeous stuff, but most of it is pretty expensive, over $15 a meter and way higher...). This 1,40m piece was marked $12 but it was an additionnal 50% off. Sold !

So... I wake up thinking about this very specific skirt and end up finding the right fabric for it on that very same day. Does this mean this skirt is meant to be or what ?

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  1. What are the details on the first skirt? I've been trying to find something like that to make myself. Is it a BWOF?