dimanche 14 août 2011

Japanese Sewing Books

While walking around San Francisco's Japan Town we came across a japanese bookstore and sure enough they had japanese sewing books inside! I've seen many gorgeous garments made from these books and had been wanting to flip through them for a while. This was my chance!

They had quite an extensive selection, including Pattern Magic volume 1,2 and 3.

I came out of the store with this one, which I hadn't actually seen anywhere until then. I think the English Title is "Sweet Wardrobe".

I like the casual style of the clothes. Unlike many of the other books, the garments in this one are a bit more structured, not as loose, and not as "girly". They are simple but could easily be chic with the right fabric and details.

Here's a selection of my favorite patterns:

Simple jacket with braided neckline edges

loose fitting pants and cute bateau-neck shirt

rain jacket and little cape

But the one that definitely urged me to purchase this book was this coat, that I find so simple yet gorgeous.

For an extensive list of all japan sewing books, and to see finished projects, check out the Japan couture addict blog and makesomething...

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  1. www.nattysbuttonsandribbons.com31 août 2011 à 02:13

    Sweet wardrobe is a fantastic... I'm looking forward to see what you'll make!

  2. Dear Josette,

    This sewing book is really fantastic. Me, too, fell in love with this beautiful coat. Would you mind sharing the book numbers (ISBN-10 / ISBN-13)? I´d like to orderthe book but obviously it´s written in Japanese language... makes google queries impossible...

    Much love from Germany,

    1. Hi Mira
      this is the number:
      I'm positive I have seen this book translated in english on Amazon or somwhere. I hope you find it!
      Thank you for reading this post!

    2. Thanks a lot, Melanie, I will find it.

      I love your blog! Your new pullover is really beautiful.