mercredi 31 août 2011

More Vintage Patterns

I took a trip to Value Village again on Monday - they were having a 50% off sale on all clothing, and I was looking for a pair of cheap jeans to turn into cut-off shorts. 5 bucks a pair, that was a pretty sweet deal!

As always, I couldn't leave Value Village without checking out the sewing patterns. They have a pretty decent selection and everytime I go, I find some nice ones from the 70's, which is probably my favorite era in terms of vintage style. So here are my latest finds:

Butterick 3929: An A-line skirt with a waist yoke, love!
Very Easy Vogue 9769: with the right fabric, this would make an easy go-to dress...I'm not 100% sure I like the collar, but it would look cute with just a standing collar

McCall's 6587: It's actually a reversible dress. The vew on the right is actually the back so you can wear it both ways. You could probably make it wearable inside out with a contrasting lining...
McCall's 5637: I very much like the different versions of this casual top. View B and F are probably my favorites...

Finally, McCall's 3792, very classic but the jacket with armhole princess seam could be a good project, and it's my size!

Voilà! A pretty good harvest this time around!

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