jeudi 22 mars 2012

DIY Anthro Hack: Infinity Scarf

The only Anthropologie store in BC is located one block from my apartment...I know, it's painful.

Well, actually it isn't that bad because
a) 90% of the store is way out of what I'm willing to pay for clothes, so that alone keeps me from wanting to go inside.
b) A lot of the styles are a bit too "cute" for me (that's what I tell myself anyway)...aside from this blouse...and maybe this one...

When I do go inside, I usually go straight to the sale's corner upstairs. In the year since the store openned, I've actually only bought 2 pieces there. Until tonight, when I bought 2 more.
As soon as I got home I got my machine out and started going at it. An hour, a few zigzag and straigt stitches later, this is what I had:

My first infinity scarf. Looks pretty good, doesn't it. It's got a cool Peruvian-type design in lime green, sky and navy blue, which make for a perfect spring scarf..

Now, be honnest with me...does it look like I'm wearing a dishtowel around my neck ?

Because yes, this is a dishtowel. An awesome 100% cotton dishtowel that was on sale for $9.95 and even though it wouldn't go with my kitchen decor, I think it looks pretty good with my denim shirt.

All I did was unpick the hems all around, cut the towel in half lengthwise then reattach the two pieces into one long one. After that, I made a tube and there you have it.

Oh, and while I was at it I also grabbed this pink one.
If I manage to find some complementary fabric (28"L x 21"W is a bit tight), I would love to turn it into a skirt. Wouldn't this border print be perfect for it? And after all, this pretty lady here made a skirt, a sexy dress and a bustier out of a rug...

Why not!

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