jeudi 7 juin 2012

How about some DIY: Statement necklace(s)

I had been eyeing this DIY for a while and finally I went ahead and made myself a statement necklace.

The beads are a soft green frosted glass and they are from Country Beads in Vancouver. I work close by and I'd walked past the store many times without noticing it. The outside doesn't really do it justice and honnestly at first I was expecting a hippy-granny type place with a lot of wood beads and stuff...But inside it's like Ali Baba's Cave. The variety of beads is pretty amazing, along with chains and findings and everything else you need to piece together a necklace... It's a little pricier than say Michael's but the quality is definitely worth it!

After I'd finished my necklace I wore it at work and a couple of my female coworkers were amazed that I made it (some thought it looked vintage) and for cheap (it cost me about $15 and that includes left over beads and the spool of 300m of beading thread). Something like this would easily be in the $50-80 range at UA, if not more...

So today we went back and they each got enough to make the same necklace for themselves. Tomorrow we're having a craft session at lunch time :) 

The other necklace is made out of scrap leather. This is the inspiration. I very much liked the idea and I actually like the final shape (self-drafted) but I find it hard to wear it. It would be cute with a round neckline but I don't have quite the right one... It also feels like it might be missing some sort of embellishment but I'm not sure what...

Next up on my DIY table, a pair of bead earrings. And by the way have you guys seen Suzanna's statement necklace? Looks pretty awesome to me too! Isn't jewelry making just the best instant gratification craft ever?

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