mercredi 20 juin 2012

Meet the Designer

Tonight I attended the Meet the Designer event at Fabricana, a local fabric store in Richmond BC. The designer was none other than Tasia of Sewaholic.
Tasia talked about her adventure in starting her own pattern business and gave us some insight on what it's like to be your own boss, to see your blog go from 50 followers to 1000, to launch your first pattern, hoping it will be well received...

We kind of knew each other from having commented on each other's blog, so it was awesome to meet her face to face.
I was accompanied by Katy of Ms. Modiste, who I just happened to meet at random a couple months back at a First Aid course our employers had both sent us too (I kow, what are the odds). So when we arrived it was funny to see Tasia go, "Hi guys, welcome... Wait, I know you... you're so and so".

She's just as cute in real life as she is online, and so enthusiastic and energetic! I very much enjoyed listening to her. Plus she brought all the samples of her patterns that you can see on her blog, so we got to look at them and get a real sense of the material and their making...Pretty cool!

She was wearing this version of her recent Cambie dress, which looks really good in real life (and my favorite version of this dress). And she gave us some insider info about her next pattern that's coming out really soon!

All in all it was a great excuse to geek out about sewing and blogging for a little over an hour and it was really fun to meet Tasia after following her blog for now almost 2 years...

It really makes me want to do more of these "blogger meet-ups", again  to geek out and talk about all these weird concepts ( Coletterie, sewalongs, MMM, interfacing...) that most people around me don't understand or know much about...

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  1. An excellent presentation by Tasia of Sewaholic, I really enjoyed her energy and her fabric choices. Plus it was great to meet you as well.