samedi 22 septembre 2012

Finished Project: My Ugly Shirt

I actually kind of love this shirt. So why ugly?

Well, when B. saw the fabric, and later when I started putting the shirt together, he said he didn't like it, it looked like it was faded by the sun or that grease had been poured over it and who knows what else...

Well, ok, I can understand that not everybody would like the colors...But personnaly, I'm in love with this shirt... I think it has to do with the fact that once again, I mastered a great fit after a few muslins.

When I found the fabric, I thought it would be perfect for a button-down shirt. I had another pattern in mind but not enough fabric for it so I settled on Burda 114 from April 2010.
The piping idea came from here and here. For once I actually found exactly what I wanted at Dressew. The brown piping is cotton but it has a wax-y aspect, with a bit of shine so it could be leather...

Alterations I made to the pattern:
- sba (my first ever, it worked like a charm to get rid of some under-the-bust wrinkles)
- sway back adjustment
- narrow back adjustment (lower back only)
- lengthened bust above the waist
- lengthened sleeves by 5 cm (2") and made them narrower as well - I would love for Burda to add an elbow mark and lengthen/shorten line on their patterns for easier adjustments.

I also had to modify the button placket slightly to incorporate the piping.

The last thing i had to do on the shirt was trim the armhole allowance and do an overlock stitch... As I'm trimming, I start thinking: better be careful, this is how one makes a hole in a garment...Well, sure enough, fabric from the sleeve got in the way and before I noticed,  I cut right through it...Wish i could just do Ctrl+Z on life sometimes...
I freaked out at first - no fabric left to recut a sleeve. But the hole was actually more of a slit and I managed to paste the two edges back together with fabric glue and with a tiny fabric scrap on the wrong side. I also added a square of fusible interfacing on the inside to make the patch stronger...
I was so upset at first, for being so careless. Thankfully the fabric is forgiving and it's hardly noticeable now. B. says if you're close enough to see it then you're too close...:)
Aside from that, and  a minor collar mishap, the shirt itself came together really easily.
And I am really truly happy with the final fit.
Buttons are horn, and as always, from Button Button. at $1 a piece, I liked them better than some plain plastic ones at $.12 just because of the uneven tones. I can never go cheap on buttons...

I know this is definitely a pattern I will be reusing, I already have a variation with gathers at the yoke that I want to make...more dart rotating action coming up, hopefully more successfully than that time.

This shirt is going to be perfect for fall, with skinny jeans and boots...For once I've finished something in time for the coming season...More Happy Dance action...

14 commentaires:

  1. Love the shirt. I think the fabric looks awesome in a rugged way and then with the the black piping it's beautiful.

  2. It looks great!!! You can always make it again.

  3. What a beautiful shirt! The details look great and I am envious that you found an SBA method that works for you! I badly need to learn how to do a proper one (I tried once and it was a failure). Maybe you can describe shortly how you did it, in a future post? Thank you!

    1. Hi Olga
      For the sba, I followed the method explained in the book "Fit For Real People". I'll try to see if I can make a quick tutorial soon!

  4. delightful! the details and print are just great, and it looks like you got a great fit!

  5. The fit looks so perfect - well done you! You're always tackling these intimidating projects and making them look effortless :-)

  6. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! Your projects just look so well done! I just started to learn sewing, but as I see that everything just by doing step by step is possible!
    Wish you a lot of patience! It is needed to be done nice-looking garment!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes sewing requires a lot of patience, at least for me, since I like things to be as close to perfect as possible. I don't know how to throw something together fast and easy :) But sometimes it's good to know when to let go and not focus on minute details that only I will know about...
      I learned sewing pretty much on my own, and by researching all the amazing tutorials out there that other bloggers took the time to post. Anybody can do it if they enjoy the process and are note scared of a good challenge :) Good luck with your sewing !

  7. Wow, a garment with a difference! The fabric is strange: it reminds of me vintage men's shirts. But in combination with the piping, it's really striking and the craftsmanship looks flawless. You deserve a lot of wear (and compliments) on this one!

  8. Amei este tecido muito fofo a camisa é linda

  9. i think the fit is perfect. I think mastering this kind of project (lots of technical details!) shows how rewarding it can be to be consistent ! Great job!