dimanche 19 janvier 2014

A Quick Hat

After spending a good threem months on my sweater, I wanted to try a quick knitting project. I had picked up an issue of Phildar magazine in France back in September, and had bought the yarn for one of the hat patterns.

The Yarn is Laine Partner 6 in colorway Chataigne & Fushia.

The hat came together pretty easily. The only thing a bit confusing about it at first is that you sue circular needles, but it's not knitted in the round. Because of the two colors, knitting with circular needles allows knit one way with one color, and then knit the same way again with the second color. So you don't work back and forth all the time, sometimes you might knit on the right side for two rows before going to the wrong side, and vice-versa ( not sur if that makes a lot of sense).

Anyways, I knitted this in a few days and didn't bother blocking it (yarn content is mostly synthetic). I really like it, it's a nice pop of color and the pattern is pretty easy, after a few rounds you don't need to look at the pattern anymore (until you start decreasing.

Turns out also, my mom had grabbed the same yarn to make the matching cowl, which I though she was making for one of my cousins, but she actually was making it for me, and I received in the mail.

(I don't think I would wear the two together in reall life though)

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