dimanche 30 mars 2014

Burda Easy fashion - Spring 2014

I regularly go to the French Burda magasine site to check out the latest issue before deciding if I want to buy it. This time the issue of Easy fashion - Spring 2014 was available. I took a quick look and I was very happily surprised by the patterns.

First, this cute little bomber jacket. I've seen quite a few around the blogoshpere (mainly the Rigel Bomber jacket by Papercut Patterns, which had me really re-think the idea of that style). I think I might actually prefer the higher, rounder neckline on this one:

I've also been dreaming of making bustier tops, for the summer or to wear under a cardigan/button down shirt. This one looks like a good one to start with. It also involves sheering in the back, which would help with fitting:

 But the big ticket that made me want to definitely buy this issue was this jumpsuit:

It is basically the same bomber jacket as above, but attached to pants. I feel like it could be really nice and comfortable in a light, silky fabric. I actually quite like the photographed version. And the best thing, there are two other variations of this jumpsuit, all based on the same top and pants:

Three quarter sleeves and shorter hem, with a tie neck instead of mandarin collar. Love.
And for those hot summer days:

Sleeveless and shorts. Love. Love. I can see it in a scarf-type fabric, maybe with a solid color for the sleeve yokes.

Jumpsuits have been on my sewing dreamlist forever but I never found a pattern that I was 100% convinced by until now. I like that these have raglan sleeves and a front zipper, it's different from the more classic button down or wrap/drape front. I want to make all three versions. And the best part is, once I fit one, I can basically make the other two with the same alterations.

This is another thing that I really liked about this issue, is that a lot of the pieces are used in different variations and paired together to form another garment. For example, the dress below is basically the bustier top from earlier, paired with a skirt thst also come as a seperate pattern:

It may seem like a cheat (you're not getting as many patterns as it seems), but I actually think it's really smart, especially since these "easy" issues are, I assume,  targetted towards less experienced sewers. It's a great way to introduce the idea of "frankernpatterns", while still making it easy and accessible to create a variety of garments.

I'll end on two more cute looks: wrap skirt and cross top on the left, another version of the bomber jacket and cute shorts on the right.

I went to my local newspaper store, but they didn't have a copy of this issue. I feel like they only get 1 or two copies of the Easy issue and i didn't want to risk missing it, so I asked my mom to find it for me in France (I'm sure she'll have no trouble), and send it via post. I can't wait!

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