samedi 5 juillet 2014

Refashion: Jeans to Skirt

A while back, I had bought four pairs of jeans from Value Village for 5 bucks each. I turned two into shorts and kept one as is. The last one had been sitting in my "refashion" pile since then.

I have seen a lot of denim skirts coming back in trends (I mean really, denim is never out of trend), and decided to go with the most classic of all refashions: turning jeans into skirts.

 Nothing new about how I made these: I cut the legs off and un-stitched the crotch, then I used a piece of the leg to fill the gap in the front.

The jeans had a good amount of stretch, which allowed me to go with a pencil shape rather than a-line. The gap in the back was small enough that I didn't need to add fabric to fill it and could keep it as a "slit" for walking ease.

This was a super easy refasion, and it's become one of my favorite skirts.

PS: this necklace is from an online store called Happiness Boutique. I found out about it on this lady's blog. I ordered two "statement" necklaces from them and I found they had a really nice selection and prices where quite reasonable. Plus free worldwide shopping! Just thought I'd share...

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