mardi 17 février 2015

Finished Project: Snöflinga Hat

Another knit project! 
I knitted this hat no less than 3 times. And y that I don't mean I made three versions, but I undid it twice and remade it twice.

The pattern is the Snöflinga Hat by Jenny Gordy. I don't remember what caught my eye in this pattern,  I think it was the simplicity of it, and yet it had some interesting detail, simply created by contrast between knit rows and purl rows, and one row of bobbles. I made it with the suggested yarn: one skein of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in colorway Woodsmoke. It's a great pattern to make with this yarn. It was a super fast knit, just a few hours really. I had never made bobbles before, but they are surprisingly easy. 

So the first time I made it, I felt it was too big. Although a few friends said they though it was fine, I decided to unravel it and make it with a smaller needle size, and less row. I liked the result even less than the first time, so I unravelled a second time and made it again, back in the original size. Somehow it turned out better and I actually really like it now. I have to say, that's the beauty of knitting vs. sewing: if you don't like the result, you can start over, nothing is wasted.

I like to wear this hat indoor actually, perfect for bad hair day, and it looks great with a more casual outfit.

Man, that's a lot of my face in this post :P

4 commentaires:

  1. I love this hat! It suits you perfectly. Makes me wish for winter so I could make one.

    1. Thank You! Well, there's no harm in getting ahead of the season a bit :P

  2. Oooh, I'm always a little envious of knitters...technically, I can knit...but I'm wicked with the tension, my stitches get tighter and tighter 'til I can hardly get the knitting needle through the loop. This is indeed a great hat, indoors and out! Nice to meet you Josette!

    1. tight tension can be frustrating! Have you tried knitting with other people, where you can focus on conversations on not so much on what you're knitting? if find that it helps me keep my tension loose.
      Hope you're enjoying this beautiful sunny week-end!