samedi 2 mai 2015

Finished Project: Watson Bra and pantie set

I made a bra! I know a lot of sewists out there had the same realization after completing the watson, and like everyone else, I was pretty proud of myself!
Bra-making and fitting is a whole other ball game, and I had been itching to give it a try for a while. I had a total impulse-purchase moment when Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics posted photos of her latest Watson kits on instagram, and with that I was on the bra-making train!

I completed my Watson a while ago, but I didn't make the rest of the set until more recently.
This was a great pattern to start with. I had to do some alterations, but overall I figured out the fitting fairly easily. The bra is easy to assemble, it's mostly a lot of elastic-sewing. 
I'm pretty happy with my overall finishes.

I had plenty of lilac mesh left to make a couple of panties to make a complete set. First I made the Watson bikini. I used the size small, although I could probably have one up one size - or maybe I pulled a bit too much on the elastic when sewing it. Anyways, it's on the tight side, but not uncomfortable, so I guess it's fine.

The other one is the Cheeky Panty pattern (free) by Debi of So Sew-Easy. It's meant for lace but I decided to give it a try anyways, and add elastic to the openning as for the Watson bikini. I had to buy additional elastic for this one, and went with a similar peach contrasting color as the bra's straps. Since I added elastic, I also added seam allowances to the openings, which are normaly meant to line up with the lace border (i.e no hem).

Debi's pattern was super easy to put together. There was a bit of a gap on the bum when I first tried is on, but I ended up cutting the leg holes shorter so they reached more mid-bum cheek, and that took care of it. I would probably raise the waist line a smidge on my next go, but overall i'm pretty pleased with the result, it's comfortable to wear and doesn't show underneath fitted skirts or dresses.

So with that I have a full lingerie set! I definitely won't stop there and I'm already looking into more complex bras with chaneling and padded cups.

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  1. It's such a pretty bra! loving the color!


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