lundi 20 décembre 2010

Finished Project: Blouse 08-2009-118

I finally got around to sewing the button and taking pictures of the blouse.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions on the button choice. I went with the brown one, I think you guys were right it's the best match.

I didn't do a button hole for a couple reasons. First I didn't want the bottom tab to stick out from under, so I stitched it in place, therefore making the opening non-functional. Not that I need it anyway, it's really more of a design detail. So i just sewed the button on through both layers and not making a button hole also allowed me to stitch it closer to the middle.

To be honest this is not my favorite garment that I've sewn. It's a bit boxy, which I don't mind so much, but also I think it's a bit short. The sleeves were originally too big and gapping at the wrist (or forearm - which of course I realized after stiching french seams...), so I tightened them a bit slap-dash style, and now theyr'e a bit tight...

I don't think I would wear it by itself, but I think with a vest (like a sweater-type vest for a more casual look) and waist belt it would look better. It would go well with skinny jeans too. I'm definitely going to try to wear to work it this week and see what sort of comments I get...

Anyway, daylight is becoming rare these days, so these photos were kind of tricky to take. I also tried to spare you my "sunday morning" face :)

On the left photo you can see I've added a pleat to the ruffle to give it more shape.

For my next project I've already started working on a vest (BWOF 01-2009-124), which hopefully I'll be posting about before the year is over :P

10 commentaires:

  1. I think it turned out lovely, and I like how it looks on in these pictures. The long sleeve style is very pretty. I think it would also look great styled the way you mentioned. Ruffled blouses peeking out under vests an cardigans is a great look right now.

  2. Wow - I love it! Those pleats are stunning!

  3. Wow, this is beautiful! I love the color. What would you call it-- putty? The details are amazing. I especially like the sleeve.

  4. Beautiful. . .saw this on Burda Style. Love the seam finishing. . .as lovely inside as it is outside! Brava!

  5. Oh wow, landed here through your Burda project page. Amazing! Really inspiring. Hopefully, I will be able to get my schedule straight and start sewing more...haven't been able to do (or finish what I started) anything lately.

  6. wow this looks great. I know what you mean about feeling its a bit boxy and I wonder how it draped after washing etc. What comments did you get after wearing it?!

  7. @Echo: I wore it with a long sweater vest and jeans, and a thin belt, and the two women in my office gave me very good feedback. The first didn't know I sew and she was the first to say she liked it, and the second one said she liked it even better without the vest, so that was a good confidence builder...
    I didn't notice any change in the drape after washing it. Ironing is a bit of a pain though, especially with the ruffles and trying not to iron pleats and all...

  8. Wow - it looks very chic in cotton, and I love the colour you have chosen too. The flounce looks great the way you have done it!