dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Dump post: Miscellanious sewing and planning

Although I haven't been reporting much, I have been sewing quite a bit lately. I was on vacation for ten days in October and visited my family in Montreal. I made a shirt and a skirt for my step-brother's girlfriend. It was my first time sewing for somebody else, and I very much enjoyed it - so much easier to check the fit and figure out proper alterations!

I added one of Adrienne's lovely label to really finish off the shirt.
The shirt pattern is the same one I used for my ugly shirt, and the skirt is from the Burda October issue of this year. I made muslins for both. The shirt is what took me the most time, although by now I'm quite familiar with the step by step and how to put it together. I don't think that I used the seam ripper more than once this time! The skirt was really easy to sew. As a matter of fact I put it all together (except for the hem) in a few hours on my last day there. I actually really like this pattern, it's simple (no waistband) but very stylish and requires very little fabric (less then a meter). A perfect pattern for one of those end-of roll pieces that hang on the sales rack at Gala Farbics....

I don't have a picture of the finished garment, but it pretty much looked the same as rhis, in a dark green wool fabric

Speaking of fabric, the one for the shirt is from a store called Effiloché, on rue St Hubert in Montreal. It's a very cute yarn and fabric store, which also offers classes for both knitting and sewing. They only carry quilting fabrics, but they have a great selection of them and this one was perfect for this shirt. They also have a selection of gorgeous Liberty of London prints including this one, which was made up into a Sorbetto top on one of their dress-forms (drool...)

The skirt fabric is from C&M Textiles, another store on rue St Hubert, which carries a lot of quality fabric at reasonable prices. The wool was 17.00 a meter. We were helped by two older italian ladies who evidentally knew what they were talking about and gave us great service. If you are in Montreal or ever visiting the area, I would really recommend these two stores for fabric shopping...

Since I've been back, I have had quite a few projects lined up, and I am trying to figure out waht to start next:

Another, modified version of my ugly shirt pattern is in the midst of being put together. It has gathers at the shoulder yoke, and a hidden button placket.

I also want to make my first array into knit-fabric land, with a simple Renfrew top in a grey jersey...

... and this will be the perfect practice for another knit project, a dress made out of rayon fabric found at Gala Fabric in Victoria, BC

I'm actually hesitating between 2 patterns:

The first one is dress 101 from June 2009, to which I photoshoped long sleeves, and the second one is from February 2008, both from Burda Magazine...I might make muslins for both and decide after...I'm really longing for winter dresses, something comfortable and easy to wear but not too casual looking so I may end up making both.
Other projects in the cue are a faux-fur vest (the one I didn't get around to making last year) - I'm thinking a removable collar would make it more versatile.

I'd also like to make Sewaholic's Alma Blouse in a winter version with a light wool-type fabric.

Oh, and I almost forgot. A friend of mine is having a MadMen-themed cocktail party for her b-day on December 15th. As soon as she mentioned it, this dress popped into my head.
1950's inspired cocktail dress, BWOF 107-11-2007
It's not quite the right decade (more 50's than 60's) but it has a retro feel, while still feeling modern, and I could easily wear it on other occasions like office christmas party and such. I've already made a muslin for the bodice and it doesn't look too bad. I just have to find the right fabric for it. I'd love to be able to sew-up a little jacket in a matching fabric. I found this one in a thrift store recently and thought it would be the perfect shape. I might try to copy it...

That's it for now, my sewing list for fall/winter...

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  1. I love both those winter dress options. I love the pleating of the first, and neckline/collar of the second. I just picked up a copy of Burda Nov 2007, and that dress was one of the reasons I went for it. Such an interesting bodice.