mardi 1 juin 2010

And so it begins...

One rainy summer day, 3 years ago, back when I lived in Paris, my good friend Noemie offered me to do a little sewing workshop at her house. I had seen an interesting make-over on the internet, of a man's dress shirt turned into a women's top (unfortunately I can't seem to find the link anymore). So with a couple of shirts found on sale for a few euros, I went to my friend's house and spent the afternoon ripping seams, cutting pieces and trying to put them back together to make something completly different.
The top didn't actually turn out great, mostly cause I didn't really know what I was doing, but I really enjoyed the process and decided to get a bit more serious about it (meaning, try to make real clothes...). That's also when I discovered Burda World of Fashion and the many patterns it offers every month. I was hooked !

Except for my very first dress, which I mostly made in a workshop with a professional seamstress showing me the steps, I've been doing everything else on my own, and I learn as I go, through trial and error.

Which means it takes me a lot of time to achieve any garment, especially when you take in account the time spent undoing stuff I did wrong, or not well enough (I am a little bit of a perfectionist).

But I really enjoy sewing a lot, and I love the satisfaction of making something from scratch with my own two hands...and the help of my little Pfaff Hobby 1142 of course.

And I also always have nearby by my sewing Bible: Burda's"La couture Pratique", which is quite technical in terms of instructions, but comes with lots of drawings which help understand the process. Everytime I have to make something new (collar, hip yoke pockets, invisible zippers, and so on...) I learn how to make it thanks to that book.

The pictures for the first garments I made ( shown in the next few posts) were all taken at the same time, a couple months back. I didn't have in mind to start blogging about my sewing yet and so the idea was to show the clothes "in a good light", and not emphasize on the flaws, so they might not be the most representative of the fit but I think you still get an idea of what the final garment looks like.
For the next photos I will try to show more of the garment and the fit...

As for patterns, I've been working with BWOF exclusively. I am a really big fan of the magazine, and I have been buying it almost every months for the past 3 years. I say almost because I have skipped a few issues when I wasn't inspired by any of the designs. There are so many different designs that I have been wanting to make from my ever growing Burda stash, that I don't want to start looking at any other patterns, at the risk of pilling up even more projects and not having time to get them done.
I did decide though, that for each recent Burda design that I decide to make, I will also pick a design from an older issue...

So there you have it, my introduction to the world of sewing....This blog will be about documenting my projects and also my inspirations and ideas for future project.

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  1. Wow I've just discovered your blog thanks to the Cupcake Goddess and I'm so happy to find an other fan of Burda! I'm myself totally addict! I love all the projects you've posted for now and I'm sure the next one will be as fabulous!So good luck with this blog! Emilie from Liège, Belgium