jeudi 3 juin 2010

Burda 8-2007 -101A - Raw Silk LBD

This dress is style 101A from BWOF august 2007.
As my first ever sewing project I wanted something simple but at the same time something I didn't already have in my wardrobe. This little black dress seemed perfect right away, and even more so after I bought some gorgeous black raw silk.

Because I didn't want to mess it up, I went to a workshop where a professional seamstress helped me go through every step. This was almost three years ago and I still wear it every once in a while, it's really been the perfect LBD for me. It is far from perfect though, especially on the finishing side, but thankfully black is very forgiving with details. I actually just noticed that one of the side seams is starting to come undone though, and I will need to do some fixing up.
This one definitely has sentimental value since it is the first garment I ever made for myself, and I got lots of compliment for it.

1 commentaire:

  1. Great look! I love everything : the dress, the belt, the pink tights, the shoes... and the cat! lol That's a pretty difficult dress for a premiere and it turned out so well! You can be proud!