jeudi 3 juin 2010

BWOF 7-2008-117A - Summer Pants Turned Winter

As my next sewing project, I wanted to try my hands at pants. But I wanted them simple and fast. I decided on design 117A from BWOF july 2008. Even though the design was intended for linen, and more of a summery style, I made them in a wool blend for winter. I liked the design because it had no complicated pockets, which I didn't yet feel up to making, but the two front pleats gave it some interest as I didn't want the pants to be too boring.

I did lengthen the legs a bit and took a little in on the thighs but it the end the fit was really good. I am actually not sure how I managed it. Maybe for once the pattern was just a good fit for me.
I also added an extra hook at the belt so that it would lay flat(er).

I am really happy with how it turned out and I have been wearing it every winter since...

I went a little crazy on these photos. this was the 6th garment we were shooting on that day and I was looking for yet another shooting set-up idea....and yes those are cat ears that I am wearing, left-over from last year's halloween costume...

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