vendredi 4 juin 2010

BWOF -3-2009-107 - Sixties Style Dress

After a few months break from sewing (which included a 7-week trip around Europe and a move across one ocean and one continent) this is the first dress I sewed on Canadian soil :)
We had just moved to Vancouver and we were renting a room in a big house where the owner had a sewing machine. When I told her I loved sewing she said "You should go check out Dressew on Hasting St". So I did.

Dressew is awsome. It's not high end designer fabric, but amongst a lot of cheap stuff you can actually find some nice fabric with interesting patterns. They do have a large variety of fabric from 100% cotton, silk, wool to any type of synthetic. They also have a small bin of leather scraps. And their downstairs is full of accessories, rows of zippers, buttons, notions...and all very cheap.

On my first visit to Dressew, I found this stretchy cottong fabric with an interesting pattern.
I decided to whip up this dress from the March 2009 issue of Burda, that I had taken with me in my suitcase, while the rest of my burda stash traveled by sea...

Because of the princess seams, the pattern matching required once again a bit of thinking, I didn't match pattern at the sleeves seams but in that case I rather tried to get a visual balance with the rest of the dress. And as usual I did have to take a couple cm in on each side from the bust to the hips.

The thing is, I am not yet sure about how to modify the paper pattern beforehand, based on my measurments and the amount of ease required by each design. I am worried that I will modify it too much and then end up with something that's too tight. So for now I would rather just work out the right fit on myself. I start by basting all the pieces together and then try it on to see where it needs fixing.
It's a bit challenging in the back, and I have been dreaming of a dress form to make my life easier (hopefully this will be arranged soon...), but in the end I've been able to manage decently so far.

Back to the dress, the fabric was a stretchy cotton this time, which made the fitting easier...
Overall it was a pretty easy sew and I was able to finish it quite fast (for my records anyway :P), in time for our friends garden wedding !

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  1. What a wonderfull dress!!! I wouldn't have noticed the fabric in a shop but you were so right : the result looks gorgeous! May I ask you how did you do for the matching??

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment ! For pattern matching, instead of folding the fabric as you usually do, I traced each side piece seperately. I first trace the middle piece on the fabric and cut it out. Then I place that piece back on the rest of the fabric, matching the pattern exactly. Then I place the pattern for the side piece right next to it on the fabric. It will actualy overlap a bit since you need to add the seam allowances. You can then remove the middle piece and trace the dies piece on the fabric. It's hard to be 100% accurate at the bust because the seam is curved but it will be everywhere the seam is straight. I hope this makes sense...