mercredi 11 août 2010

Inspiration: Fantasizing about more projects

I've felt quite frustrated sewing-wise lately, because every morning at breakfast and every night coming home I see my dress form in the corner of our living room with my unfinished dress on it...Still no time to do anything to it, and so in the meantime, while reading about all the fabulous projects getting done out there, I'm making matters worse by fantasizing about all the other clothes I don't have time to make.

So here are some random inspirations, in no particular order. Note that non of them are recent so you guys have probably seen all of this already...

As my next project, I want to try this jacket (after the dress I might squeeze a quick and easy - instant gratification project though) :

It's from BWOF - April 2010 I think. I like the zipper details on the sleeves and the fact that it has a very simple collar. I would love to have it as a mid-season jacket, when it gets too cool in the morning to go out in short-sleeves...I actually already have fabric for it, a cotton/linen/hemp blend in a natural color. I am hoping it won't be too wrinkly though. I am considering lining it with a floral fabric or using a contrasting twill tape...

Going thtough my blogroll I noticed this vintage dress worn by Jessica from What I Wore. I love that it looks as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt. With a few minor alterations to the top (and length), I could use Simplicty 8749, purchased a couple months ago, to make something similar.

I also recently went through all the (free) patterns that I downloaded from Burda Style, and this is one I'd like to try in a near future:

This fitted top is by Ichigogirl. I really like the fact that it's button-down, and it could work in cboth asual and evening wear styles.

This dress by Anajan seams like a great go-to summer/work appropriate dress.

so could be this one:

And since we're in the HP patterns, though it is not as summery as above, I also kinda like this coat as a mid-season outwear :

Amongst the many beautiful projects getting posted everyday, here are a few I bookmarked lately:

I love this top by Ophelia K - another inspiration for the flowery fabric I purchased recently:

Also LOVE this dress:

reminds me of one that I wore as a kid...Brings back a lot of fun memories of summers spent on the swing in my backyard, pretending If I swung high enough I'd be able to fly...

and I've also been really inspired with the Sew Convert's recent Japanese book projects:

It's all so pretty and fresh !

As I was mentionning earlier, I need a (really) fast and (really) easy project to help get rid of some of that no-sewing frustration. This tutorial by One Pearl Button might just be it and I happen to have some end-of-roll fabric for it...

So this is it (for now anyway) for my current inspirations. Sorry if there's really nothing new here, just me helplessly fantasizing about my summer-wardrobe-that-could-have-been.
Actually some of you might have already completed one of these project. I'd love to hear about it and see how it turned out !

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  1. You and me both- every season, I am fantasizing about the wardrobe-that-could-have-been. Sigh.

    Finish that dress and let us see your masterpiece. And if it isn't, get it out of the way so you can work on something awesome.