dimanche 1 août 2010

Project update: the New Job Dress

It's been 3 weeks since my last post !
As I mentionned last, I started a new job which has me working close to 12 hours a day, plus we have relatives visiting from France so I've had absolutely no time to do any sewing, let alone bloging. I'm even behind on reading my blog roll and the number keps getting higher on my netnewswire widget...
I was able to catch up a bit the past couple days though, thanks to having Friday off.

So I finally got started on my dress - with the actual fabric this time.
With the muslin I didn't bother cutting the facing pieces or even adding seam allowances. I just traced the pattern onto the fabric and cut around them, adding roughly the same amount all around. so it only took me an hour or so to cut everything.
But this time I had to do it properly. The dress has 12 pattern pieces, 3 of which need to be cut twice for facing, and I also cut the waistband twice so it would be nice and neat on the inside. Then that's 8 pieces that need fusing. Needless to say it took me a good chunk of time to get all my pieces ready (basically all my sewing time on Friday, and a little bit of Saturday morning).
I have only sewed the bodice part so far (with the collar), but I've roughly pinned some of the other pieces together on the dress for to see what it would look like:

I think it looks pretty promising ! Hopefully I can finish it before summer is over ...

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