samedi 16 octobre 2010

shopping: automn fabric

Today I went to Fabricana, a big fabric store just outside of Vancouver.
I was pretty excited about it. The first time I went was with B., and we went looking for fabric for our bedroom curtains. By the time we were done looking at all the home dec stuff upstairs, B, was about ready to go (actually, he was ready to go about 10 minutes after we'd arrived). So I didn't really get a chance to go through all the fashion fabric.

Well this time around, I took my time. I spent close to 3 hours in the store, looking at every piece of fabric one after the other. I'd brought along my "pattern book", a kind of log I made of all the projects I'd like to make. That way when I find a fabric I like, I can go through my list and see what it would be good for. I also know how much fabric I'll need for each project.

To be honnest, I was a bit disappointed by the selection. There's quite a choice of prints but I found that a good portion of the fashion fabrics were polyesther or viscose, lots of print jersey and strech polyesther. I am more of a natural fabric myself and I found their cotton selection pretty small, aside from the shirting. They did have a decent choice of linen, but to me it feels more of a summer fabric. I didn't go through the quilting section, which is quite massive also.
The natural fabric (wool, silk) are quite expensive ($25-30/meter) and I didn't find anything I liked enought to spend that much money on. Plus for once I was looking more for plain fabric , which I didn't find a lot of...

The first fabric that caught my eye was this one:

A polyesther chiffon, which color palette I really love. I'm thinking of making this skirt:
I think it would make a nice colorful addition to my winter wardrobe which is right now very dark, and easy to wear with boots and tights and a turtle neck...

I was also looking for plain fabric for this specific blouse:

Burda uses silk, but I figured a satin coton would work too. Like I said, not much choice in that department, and I finally find a plain shirting cotton, a bit darker that what I was looking for ( I like the color of the burda version) but I'm still happy with it and the little bit of shine to it...

This photo makes it look darker than it is...

This is my boldest choice of fabric ever:

A satin polyesther, and as soon as I saw it I thought of this dress, which I've had on my list for quite a while now:

It's a simple button down shirt dress with a round collar and puffy sleeves, but I love the idea of a bold pattern with thights and a knit scarf...

I also grabbed a few end of rolls in their remnant bin:

Little white flowers on black and red background. I probably have just enough of each for a sleevless top, but I could also pair them with a plain black/red fabric...

And finally this piece of grey suiting, to make a simple, classic jacket...

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh, that's so frustrating when you can't find what you're looking for, but your choices look lovely. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

  2. That is such a great idea having a 'pattern book'. When I go to the fabric store I get totally overwhelmed by all the choices and either come out empty handed or with some pretty fabric that isn't suitable for any of my projects on my to-do list.

    I'm definitely making one of those!

  3. I love you "pattern book". Such a great idea! You are clearly very organised!