vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Considering animal prints...

One my last fabric shopping at Fabricana I noticed an animal print that I nearly bought.
I don't really go for animal prints usually, but this was a polyesther faux-fur Giraffe (!!) print and I thought it looked pretty cool. It was composed of 3 shades: tan, dark brown and lighter brown, with some stains smaller and some bigger, and the faux fur had really short hair, but enough to make it nice and soft. I didn't have my camera so unfortunately I don't have a picture to post, but this is a similar one I found on line at Joanne's.

I was thinking it would look great as a simple skirt, such as this one, from BWOF september 2010:

The fabric had two flaws though: for one thing, there was a weird shiny/matte alterning wavy pattern created by the nap of the fabric being brushed in two different ways - seemed a bit much on top of the busy giraffe print. Second I thought the pattern repeat was a bit too obvious, you know, one on the left hip, and one in the middle and then one at the bottom right. I was able to wrap the fabric around my waist and look at it in a mirror which allowed me to realize these two facts, and ultimately decide not to purchase it (at least not at the price it was sold: $15.99/meter) - it makes such a difference when you're able to see yourself "in" the fabric, it can really make or break a choice.

This is also a reason why I'm hesitant to order online, because something that looks cute on the screen might look overkill in a 1,60x1,50 piece and on the other hand, some photos might not do justice to fabric that maybe are gorgeous in real life...

Anyway, I'm still kind of hanging on to that idea for a "giraffe skin" print skirt and I like the twist that it brings to the usual wild animal print (leopard and such), as if it didn't take itself too seriously.

And while browsing the web for fabric resource, I actually stubbled upon this shabby apple skirt:

I kind of sense though that it would be the kind of garment that I would have trouble pairing with my current wardrobe, aside from the basic black or cream turtle neck. But to me, sewing is about creating these unique pieces that you can't really find in RTW. I wouldn't sew myself white tees for example, because it would be too much work ( and use up too much of my precious available sewing time) for something I can easily find in stores. So I would probably still make the skirt if I came across a similar print just because, well the idea of making something "uncharacteristic" like this is already half the fun...

How about you guys, have you even found yourself to be drawn to fabrics (or patterns for that matter) that are a bit "out of character" compared to what you usually wear ? Did you still take a chance in making the garment and did you find the outcome easy to wear or did it end up stored in the back of your closet neve rto see the daylight again ?

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  1. Go for it! It would look great with a black t-shirt/ blouse. The Shabby Apple model is a great model, and a giraffe print is much more original than leopard or tiger.