dimanche 20 février 2011

New Pattern puchases

I used to buy only Burda Syle magasine for patterns, but the past issue (January) and the March one coming up are really quite disapointing. March especially.

So with the 11 bucks that I'm saving (twice) by not purchasing these issues, I figured I could indulge in a few other patterns, especially since they were on sale.

This batch is from Fabricland a few weeks ago, where all patterns were on sale at 3.99

The one on the left is Butterick Retro 5209. I looove Adey's version, the Reflection of the Moon Dress, so when I found the pattern I jumped on it!
The middle one, New Look 6007, is exactly the syle of cape I was looking for, with a waist belt. I'm thinking of using my wool/silk plaid for it.
The third one is Simplicity 2497. I was disappointed as they didn't have 2406 left in my size. Instead I grabbed this one. I don't think I would do the ruffles, but I like the 2 versions with sleeves, and even the sleeveless one could work for those hot summer days...

This second batch purchased yesterday is from Gala Fabric, for 1 dollar each (!) - apparently it's unsold stock that they forgot to return to the supplier so they are getting rid of it pretty much:

I really like the sleeveless version of the Anna Sui top pattern for Vogue (V2912). I was even more excited when I realized it has a buttoned-back ! I'm not crazy about the DKNY photo, but I liked the technical drawing. Another easy spring dress. Finally the one on the right is a bit...different for sure, but I liked the little collar and with the right fabric, it could make a cool top I think.

FYI for those in the Vancouver area, Gala Frabrics has a few more Vogue and McCall patterns for sale, including a few Vogue Vintage patterns like this 2267, now out of print:

And as I mention in my post yesterday, I also found some brown fabric for a skirt.

and the colorful cotton lawn on the right was just screaming Pendrell Blouse to me...

4 commentaires:

  1. looks like you have some sewing to do! Like the Vogue cross-over top.

  2. You're absolutely right about that cotton lawn. I've just ordered that pattern!

  3. I just bought that cape pattern from New Look! I still have to find fabric for it but I'm excited about finding this style.

  4. I made the cape pattern last fall. It came out really well, I just wish I would have put in a hook and eye or secret button somewhere, because when I wear it, it tends to gape a bit (though that my be more my fault as I am 8 months pregnant).
    It was my first sewing project in several years.