lundi 23 mai 2011

Sneak Peek and potential projects

I almost finished a new dress.
Made from Quick Butterick 6528, with a couple alterations, it was indeed a pretty fast project, nothing too complicated about it.

I really liked the bold print of the fabric at first. I was going to make a top but I had enough to make a dress. When I showed the fabric to B, he said he tought a dress would be fine.

But halfway through the project I started to question whether this was in fact going to look like the cute and funcky dress I had envisionned...or like one of these long shapeless shirt dress the lady at the cafeteria wore when I was in 3rd grade...Anyway, I finished the dress, and I will take pictures shortly. I think this one will require careful accessorizing to achieve the proper look but I still have hope.

But this project actually has me wondering what I should do next, and if my fabric choices are the right ones. I'm often attracted to a fabric because of the color and pattern, but finding the right project, and making a garment that looks good on me isn't always that easy. Sometimes I look at my purchases and find myself hesitating and wondering if this is really "me", if I would dare wearing the finished garment. But I guess this is what sewing is also about, it's about pushing your style in directions you wouldn't normally go, right? So, I'm not sure what to do next, even though I have 5 if not more pattern/fabric pairing all ready to go.

This is a mix of recent purchase and stash fabric:

B.told me right off the bat he didn't like this fabric. The pink is what bothers him. I, on the other hand really like it, even though I admit the pink could be tricky for the completion. I think a nice summer tan would be required to avoid looking all washed off.
For this fabric I was thinking of Butterick 5209:

Next, this is a silk chiffon from Dressew. I'm feeling pretty confident about making BWOF blouse 105 from April 2010. What I'm not too confident about is the fabric being slippery and hard to work with...

With this one I totally went copycat on Tasia from the Sewaholic. I purchased it after she'd shown it on her blog, and I'm pretty much going with the same dress idea she suggested:

Next is a linen/silk blend, brown with some faint white pin-stripes. I am envisionning a wide-legged pair of pants, with a paperback waist. I have yet to find the right pattern for it, but this is my inspiration:

This top is also on my list, with a very similar fabric I've had in my stash for quite a while:

There you have it, all projects I could start tomorrow...I would start with the first dress if I wasn't afraid of the outcome, and that the print might be too overwhelming on me...Maybe I'll start with a few muslins to be on the safe side, and then we'll see...

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  1. i'm seriously dying over that southwestern fabric. that's going to be a great dress. what a find!

  2. Cute! Very trendy fabric!!I can't wait to see the final photos!

  3. oh wow - i have that same floral voile from Dressew!! It's the first fabric I've ever seen them run out of!

    So wonderful to find another Vancouver sewing blogger!