samedi 21 mai 2011


When it comes to "vintage"sewing, the era that I feel I could most "dress" in is definitely the 1970's. Which is probably why I was attracted to these two books, found at Powells Book during a recent trip to Portland, OR.

I have only quickly flipped through the pages, but from what I can tell, it gives detailed instruction on how to make garments from the Stretch&Sew pattern line. I was not at all familiar with this line until now, and their 1970's patterns seem to be a bit hard to source. But I mostly got the books because of the illustration, which I just found very cool. So I thought I would share...

Wide-legged jeans with a button-down shirt, turtleneck with a-line skirt. These two looks are totally me, and I could replicate them right out of my closet.

The shirt dress, a "classic" that could be made into so many different versions.

Bathing suits

pleated skirts and jackets. I love the beret and head band...

3 commentaires:

  1. I'm also fan of 70's era and like I love to sew from 70's pattern. Thanks you for sharing these illustration !

  2. these ARE really neat books. I have part 1 and I find that it's pretty useful without the patterns.