dimanche 15 janvier 2012

(Faux) Fur Fantasy

Even though I currently have 3 projects on the go (the two I blogged about last plus a new muslin I just completed), this project might just jump the cue in the rudest of ways.

I first spotted this faux-fur at Dressew weeks ago, and I would pet it everytime I went to the store. Eventually I came upon Simplicity 2285 which confirmed that the faux-fur and I were meant to be together.
So yesterday I finally grabbed the bolt off the shelf and took it to the cutting table. The sales assistant made sure that I knew that it was (glups) $39.99 a meter... "Yes but I only need one meter" was my excuse response.

And now it's mine, and it's so soft and warm and cozy it's just insane. I messed up the hair on purpose in the picture to show the deepness of the nap. The hair looks almost like feather...

View C was exactly what I had in mind when I first spotted the fabric

I need to get this made extra fast as I don't see how I would be able to wear it past March. I've already apologized to my unfinished jacket, skirt and vest for the extra delay while promising that in the meantime I would finally source the right ribbon/buttons for them - which I did.
Now I just need to find the courage to actually take my scissors to this meter of glorious furryness...Any advice on how to work with faux-fur?

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