dimanche 15 janvier 2012

Finished Projects: Knits!

Here are the two knitting projects I completed these past couple of weeks!

The first one is the Landscaping shawl. This one took me pretty much 3 months to complete. The yarn is fingerweight wool and I knit with #5 US needles so it took FOR-E-EVER!

It's not a complicated project, I thought it was actually great for a beginner as you do rows and rows of stockinette stitch (great to work on your speed) and then you learn to make the seed sticth and a little bit of basic lace.

I undid my first pass at the seed stitch and I also had to undo the last 4 rows as I didn't have enough yarn to finish. I think I added too many increases at the start and I wasn't able to do all the stockinette and garter stitch at the end.

I soaked the shawl in warm water for 20 minutes before spreading it out on my bed and let it dry with the ceiling fan on for a whole day. I really love the result and the stripes that were part of the yarn color. Unfortunately I've lost the yarn label so I'm unable to share the details.

The second project is a very simple Honey cowl. It was really easy to make and even though it's pretty much knit and purl the whole way through, it doesn't look anything like a stockinette stitch which is a nice change...

I thought a neutral color would be easy to pair with everything but right after I started i found myself wishing I'd chosen a brighter color (like a mustard yellow).

In the end I'm still happy with it. The yarn is Vintage Berroco and it's a Wool, Acrylic and Nylon blend which makes it machine washable. But mostly I love how soft and warm and cozy it is!

Next I might try a hat and a sweater!

3 commentaires:

  1. I love both of them! Knitting is something I don't master yet but would like to take up...

  2. Thanks for your comment! I tried taking up knitting several time and failed and this time I started as part of a group so I was able to get advice and tips for more experienced knitters, this really helped me get past the beginner phase..