mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Pattern Collection: My Christmas Score

I spent Christmas in Astoria, Oregon. It's a lovely little coastal town, usually more of a summer destination, but being there over Christmas with B. made for a very relaxed and laid back holiday break. I definitely recommend it if you enjoy watching wild waves and hanging out in little coffee shops/library. There are also quite a few good seafood restaurants, and delicious clam chowder as an available side to everything :)

From the Astroia Column, view of the town and the Astoria Megler Bridge that crosses the Columbia River over to Washington State

Sunset at the Fort Stevens Jetty

While we were there, the Joanne store on Commercial St was having a massive sale because they were moving to a bigger location accross the bridge, in Warrenton.
I was able to score a bag full of sewing patterns for $.25 a piece. I paid a little over 5 bucks for $210 worth of patterns (or so said my receipt)! Who ever buys patterns at full price anyway, I wonder, since there are pretty much sales on all the time here...

It also turns out that somebody had come in the morning and grabbed ALL the Vogue patterns. Apparently the sales associate had to ring 1000 patterns for this one customer!

Anyway, I still manage to score some nice ones :

Pretty dresses

More Dresses...



and just about every cynthia rowley I could get my hands on!

The next three are vintage patterns from one of the (several) thrift stores on Commercial St.
I really love the blouse version of this one with the peplum, I can see some color - blocking like here,

I like view B of this one, for a comfortable spring dress:

and this one is actually quite similar to B5598, but I just loved view A's entire vintage look

At this point and given my track record I would be delusionnal if I thought I'll ever have enough of a lifetime to make all of these (and the rest of my previous pattern purchases) into actual garments. But I am ready to admit that this is now mostly about collecting and not just about sewing anymore...And I don't believe I am the only one in that situation :P

4 commentaires:

  1. That's awesome. The New Look and BurdaStyle patterns never go on sale at Joann's!

  2. Wow, that is an amazing haul. For only 25 cents each?!

    1. yup, $.25 a piece except the last 3 that I got at a thrift store. there were $2.
      pretty sweet deal :)

  3. I have about 3 of those patterns. Dont feel bad. I have probably 200 patterns