jeudi 26 juillet 2012

BWOF Digital Patterns on German site

Did you guys know that the German version of Burdastyle/Burdafashion actually has ALL patterns from the last couple years' issues available as downloads? They're only 3.99 euros each (about 4,90 USD), and unlike the english Burdastyle, they seem to have all of the patterns published in the magazine, and not just a selection of them.
Which means, if you really want one pattern out of an otherwise blah issue, you can just download it!

Instructions will most likely be in German, and sure there's the pain of taping all the pieces together . Plus the issue is (or used to be) 6,99 euros, so it might not sound like a good deal for anybody in Europe, but I'm paying 11 dollars for an issue here in Canada so I'd much rather spend 5 bucks on one pattern I really like than 11 CAD on an issue that I'm probably not going to use much...

Oh, and I don't actually speak German, but to navigate the site easily, all I did was copy the url address into the Google seach box then click the "Translate this page" option under the title...
You can alsoclick on this link  to access the English translated page.
The link should take you to the main pattern page. In the left column, click Magazin and Catalog and then Burda Magazine, and the list of all the past issues online will appear...

This might be old news for some people, but I actually had no clue, and I just happened to find out while looking to see if the german site had more photos of the recent issue than the french one.
So...I thought I'd share!

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  1. I also like to browse Russian Burdastyle. I find it easier to navigate the magazine archives compare to Not to mention checking out the abundant stream of finished items uploaded by the talented Russian members. I could spend hours browsing the website.

    1. I always go to the French version to look at archives (it's one of my bookmarks :P). It's very how every version of the site is so different from the others...

  2. I use the german website to copy and paste projects I want to sew one day. I keep them in my evernote library so I have them on my I-phone, when I'm in a fabric shop. I have all the information I need of how much fabric, how many buttons etc. I have to buy!
    Or I just daydream riding a bus of what wonderful clothes I could sew if only the day had more than 24 hours....