vendredi 20 juillet 2012

WIP: Dress variations

I'm working on the famous BWOF 101 from february 2011. This pattern has been super popular with sewists around the blogosphere and I definitely wanted to give it a try.

I'm not a big fan of the gathered skirt though, I think it adds bulk at the waist which isn't the most flattering... So I've been thinking of alternatives and a little photoshopping helped me visualize other options:

Version 1:
This is the skirt part from the Sewaholic's Lonsdale Dress. It's an A-line skirt with pocket.

Version 2:
The pleated version. Here I've attached skirt 124 from BWOF December 2011. I could probably recreate this just by making pleats instead of gathers with the rectangle of fabric, but this is helpful to visualize the result. Check out this similar version in black.

This is the skirt part from Pattern Runway's Sundress pattern

This is actually my favorite version. It's gathered but not too "pooffy",  it has pockets, a waistband and the shape works well with the bodice. I have visions of piping and maybe buttons but I haven't decided yet.

In all cases I included a waistband because I find it more flattering and it makes it easier to wear any size belt. I could have tried many other options but these three were the ones I was considering in the first place.

In the meantime, I have finally reached a satisying muslin for the bodice (only the 4th one!!!). Fingers crossed that when I cut the actual fabric it still works out - you never know...

In other sewing progress news, my shirt is still sitting on my dress form, waiting only for it's buttonholes, and I just received this pattern, which I am sooo excited about because it is pretty much exactly what I was looking for to make my copy of this blouse in a flowery fabric...

So many projects, and now the sun is finally out and we have family visiting from now until the end of August...

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  1. I love that pattern, too. This was a fun exercise to see, and my first favorite was the last one, as well. Great idea.