jeudi 4 novembre 2010

If there was more hours in the day: Lekala Patterns

I while ago, I ended up on the Lekala pattern page.
It seems to be a russian website providing patterns. For a fraction of a euro, you can actually have the pattern customized to fit your very own measurements. But you can also download their "standard" size for free, which fits the following measurements:
height 165cm (5'4"), bust 84cm (33") and hips 92cm (36").
They literally have hundreds of patterns (including a few maternity apparently), and they seem to come up with new designs quite frequently.

I must have downladed about 60+ patterns from there, tops, dresses, jackets, you name it, more than I'll ever have time to make obviously, but it's kind of exciting to know I have these options waiting on my computer (and until I actually print them, it doesn't take up any physical space).

All patterns up to #5800 or so come with detailed english instructions, which seem pretty clear and straight forward ( a nice change from the BWOF instructions..).

Heres is a "small" selection from all the ones I downloaded:

I'm totally in love with this jacket design. There's also a pair of pants to make it a suit. The design looks like it would be more of a spring/summer style, but in could probably also work in a lighter wool fabric for a more wintery look.


This is a pretty classic dress, but it just looks like it would be very comfortable, again for winter wear.


Love the lines on this dress - though it does remind me of my New Job Dress a bit...


Several cape designs - although this is probably the most impractical item of outwear, I'd love to make one...

#5732, #5726 and #5714

Cute ruffle action




a bolero/croped jacket with short sleeve


This one could totally become jumper shorts, with buttons going down to the waistband, and using one of their pants pattern for the bottom:


Pretty shirts




a long skirt with some interesting seam lines


A stylish jacket that kind of reminds me of (though not as chic and detailed as) a very popular pattern higly used these days.


and dresses to wear for any occasion:





There are so many different designs, some of them quite simple but with interesting details. A great selection of capes, jackets, coats too...All in all it seems like their would be some great wardrobe builders in there.

Like I said at this rate it would take me years to go through just this one selection I posted (and trust me I have many more digitally stored). But the simple fact of going over them and imagining what I could do with them is exciting...

Has anyone ever sewn a pattern from this site ? Have you tried the "customized" patterns and how did the fit actually work out? On a more technical point, does anyone know if there're meant to be printed on A4 or Letter size paper ? Or does it even make a difference ?...

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  1. You're right, it would definitely require more hours. With that said, I'm off to check out the site.

  2. Wow thanks a lot, they have so many lovely free patterns! I am definately going to use that website :)

  3. Wow these are amazing. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Great tip! I just bookmarked that website. At this point my "to sew" list is so long it will never get done, so might as well add some more!

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  6. Do watch out about something though... even though they're 'custom', these patterns are all made for a B cup. You look to be smaller than that, so you may have to go up a size in the bodice (and perhaps do an SBA) in order to get a good fit.

  7. Sorry, I meant to address paper size. You bet it makes a difference - nearly a cm in either direction. You'd better hope the pattern itself specifies, or write them to find out. And make sure that you print your patterns 'without scaling' no matter what, so you have a hope of making up for it if you don't have the correct size.

  8. Hi Marie-Christine

    thank you so much for the detail about cup and paper sizing. I'll be sure to double check both before I start cutting anything !

  9. Wow- thanks for sussing out that pattern site- it has patterns for several dresses I was trying to construct myself- and the standard fit is pretty much me except I'm 4 inches shorter! I'd better oil my sewing machine! WOOt!

  10. I've downloaded their patterns too.
    I did this one:
    Although I don't thinkj it had a midriff.

    I found the pattern terribly ill fitting and had to adjust it. Even with custom measurements.

    They do have great detailed ones so just make sure you do a toile first.

  11. Thanks for the headsup FreaksBzzz. It seems unclear with these patterns if you are supposed to print on A4 or on Letter size paper, and that might be where the fitting problems come from, as Marie-Christine pointed out in a comment above.
    I haven't picked a project yet, but I'll be sure to give details when I try my hands at a Lekala pattern...

  12. I tried printing out #5873 and assembling it but didn't get very far because my printer cut off a couple of cm top and bottom. Also I don't think their patterns give much in way of instructions for a beginner like me. Would really like to see how you do on that dress though!