vendredi 15 juillet 2011

A Gift in the mail...

A few days ago I posted about Paying It Foward, and today I'm showing you the wonderful present hand-made present I received from Adrienne.

(I guess I should have posted about PIF way back when I first commented on her post but I didn't and now that Adrienne has sent me her handmade gift - and I've received it- it's more than about time I announced it)

Not only did she make me this pretty navy blue purse, but she included extra "stocking-style" goodies:

A cute little traveler's/emergency sewing kit, candy from the UK (including chocolate "buttons" :), and OMG these labels with my name/blog name on them to sew on my finished projects! How thoughtful is that!!

She really took the time to research my style on my blog and come up with a very personal present, and I love it!
So thank you Adrienne, for taking the time to put this together!

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