jeudi 15 mars 2012

How about some DIY: A Knitting Needle Case

A few weeks ago, I made a knitting needle case as a gift. It only took me a couple hours to put together, and I really enjoyed how simple it was to make.

I bought the fabric at Spool of Thread. I had actually gone to Dressew first cause they have quite a large selection of wuilting fabric, but I couldn't find 1 fabric that I liked, or if I did, they had a very small selection of medium quality plain cotton, and I could find the right color.

I was inspired by this seller on Etsy, who has so many pretty choices in different sizes.

I used grid paper to cut all the pieces. It was so easy, I cut one "master piece" and then all I had to do was fold the piece along the grid lines for all layers. The grid paper was also helpful to figure out where the seams lines were going to be for each pocket section.

I added a layer of batting between the pink layers and the outside shell, as well as black bias tape at tht top of the pockets. All pocket pieces are actually double layered. Finally I made a tie band out of the pink fabric.

This project came together so easily and I really liked the result and the color combo (the inside looks more red in the picture, but it's more pink). I still have about the same size of the shell fabric and I,m wondering what I could do with it...

As an additional gift I'd knitted a red bow, hung on a chain necklace....

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