dimanche 4 mars 2012

How about some DIY: Leather accessories

For months now I've been pinning DIY tutorials on Pinterest, but never actually DIYing anything.
Yesterday I finally tackled 2 projects out of leathers scraps:

Leather bow cuff tutorial by ISLY and ring bracelet by ISpyDIY

Both were super easy, requiring only scraps of leather, a couple snap fasteners and nylon thread.

I'm really happy with how the bow turned out.

The ring bracelet is a little different from the original as I went for a slightly smaller and thicker ring, and a wider band but I do like the result.

I wouldn't wear both together, but just for the photo shoot :)

Someting else I finally did this week after thinking about it for months, was visit Lonsdale Leather in Vancouver. It's a warehouse selling all the leather you can think of, and also an incredible variety of findings, buckles, clips, etc...to make bags, belts and other leather accessories. I've actually been thinking about making a purse for myself and no doubt this is the place where I'll find everything I need for it...

So, that's 2 DIY down from my Pinterest board, 163 more to go....

3 commentaires:

  1. These are lovely! I love the rich colour of the leather you've chosen and the bow is just perfect! I just made my first necklace with scraps of leather and I think one of these could be my next jewellery project. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. gorgeous!
    !this bracelet is so beautiful! great job.. i like it..leather more information

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