mercredi 1 février 2012

Making Progress.

I'm so happy to be making some progress on my WIP garments, I wanted to share!

The skirt is nearing the end. Construction is finished. I now have to hand sew the skirt and lining hems, plus finish the topstitching on the button placket and finally add buttonholes and buttons.
Buttonholes were my biggest worry as my machine doesn't seem to be able to sew two clean buttonholes in a row. The first one will come out right but there's a 70% chance the next one will be all messed up...I was even considering taking my skirt to a professionnal seamstress to get the buttonholes made.

Then, a couple weeks ago I joined the Vancouver sewing Meet-up at Spool of Thread. It was nice to meet other local home-sewers and get advice from them. I also took the opportunity to try the lounge's machine's buttonhole foot.
Well, I liked it. A Lot. Take a look:

I love how neat and finished this (fake) pocket flap looks, with the topstitching and buttonhole. I haven't openned the hole yet but I'm so happy this solution is working out. I will most definitely go back to Spool of Thread to make the other 6 or 8 buttonholes in the front of the skirt.

On the jacket front, I'm also have progress to report!
I recently contacted the people at Masterstroke Canada, after finding out that they had quite a nice online selection of ribbons and trims (plus ordering in Canada makes a big difference in shipping cost). I had decided that I actually needed twill tape to finish my jacket, as the texture and aspect will best match my fabric.
They have a good color selection but dont'offer the option of purchasing swatch cards as other on-line store would. So I emailed them about it and they offered to send me swatches of the colors I was interested in - free of charge!
That's what I did and look what I got in the mail today:

How nice! I love that it is hand written, and that they took the time to do it (thank you Steven!). I'm feeling pretty good about #38 (I will have to look at it in natural light), although I could probably go with a couple more options here for more contrast. We'll see.
But after searching for the right ribbon quite extensively locally and on-line, and not finding anything, I'm really excited about this. This jacket will be ready for spring!

I have traced the pattern for my Furryliscious vest but haven't had the courage to cut the fabric yet, which makes me think it might not get worn until next winter...oh well.

And finally, I've just started a "knit-along" with a friend of mine. We're both making this sweater, in similar colors (I'm using Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Oatmeal and she's using the same yarn in Wheat).
This week-end we're going on a ski trip and I'm almost more excited about getting some knitting/chatting time with my friend than about the skiing...

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  1. Il fut un temps, Mélanie, où ta mère savait faire à la main les boutonnières...Ma grand-mère m'avait appris. Bisous